The Best and Boldest Fashion choices for Sassy, Mature Women

As the saying goes: if you feel too old to do something, do it anyway and prove yourself wrong! Which ends up being a great way to keep yourself young. Let’s face it, the modern fashion industry runs on images of dewy, size zero 20 year-olds looking very distracted and severe in their skimpy outfits. Which is all well and good, until you realize this just isn’t reality.

We know how much photoshopping goes on to get a model looking glamorous on the cover of a fashion magazine. However, there still exists the pressure for all women to conform to this unrealistic, and harmful, stereotype of beauty. And if you don’t conform? Well then, you can end up feeling insecure. But don’t worry. Mass media and advertising promise that buying a new product will make you feel happier. It’s a vicious cycle. But what if women simply embraced their inner sassiness and wore whatever they chose that made them feel sexy and confident? What if there was clothing made for mature women that helped them feel uplifted, confident, empowered, rebellious, and fabulous?

The good news is that there is.


Let’s start with loungewear. Ever since the pandemic, lockdowns kept most people indoors working from home for extended periods, loungewear has undergone a rebirth. Once considered the domain of the lazy dresser, it is now cool to be seen in public in your loungewear. Mature women can embrace this fashion move by selecting either the full jumpsuit look or go with a modern twist on the classic two piece. The good thing about a skin-tight jumpsuit is that it lets mature women accentuate their beautiful curves and show off some skin. Whereas the two-piece leaves a bit more to the imagination, which can be even sexier!


The original symbol of rebellion, jeans look good on women of all ages. Jeans let a mature woman show off her assets, feel comfortable, and exude an aura of confidence all at the same time. Especially when they are figure-hugging, great jeans that sit perfectly on the hips and let you show off that bod.

Urban wear

Let the world know that your age is not your identity. A number shouldn’t define you, nor what you choose to wear. It’s a fact, mature women look good in well-chosen urban wear pieces. Dress up a hoodie with a sassy message by wearing skinny jeans and a nice pair of boots and you’ve got the perfect outfit for a day out in the city.

Wild prints

Here we’re talking about unleashing your wild side. A woman who is unafraid to wear bold prints has sass. She has character. She isn’t meek and she won’t stand for other people’s s##t. Show the world who’s boss by wearing bold, sassy leopard prints paired with leggings. You’ll soon take charge of every occasion.

Final thoughts

When you are a mature woman, the world is your oyster. That’s because everyone is expecting you to play nice and stay in the background. But bold, sassy, mature women won’t do that. They have decided that no one’s opinion of them matters other than their own. They embrace fashion choices that dare to show off their rebellious and sexy side. Just because you are older it doesn’t mean you need to shrink away into insignificance. Be daring. Be courageous. Get out there and show the world what you’ve got.

At ChloChel we curate women’s fashion designed to empower and uplift women of all ages and backgrounds. We know that fashion is more than the clothes you wear. Fashion is a mindset, an experience, a lifestyle. Create the lifestyle you want as a mature woman by refusing to do what you’re told. Instead, do what you desire.



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