Covid Casual Wear

In the sage words of fashion designer and empowered woman Coco Chanel: “Fashion has two purposes: Comfort and Love.” And certainly this is what the pandemic, amongst other things, has taught us: the importance of self-care. During the lockdown, and in an age of social rights activism, what we wear matters now more than ever. Indeed, research shows that wearing clothes that not only feel comfortable but also makes us look good and helps express our personality, greatly enhances our mood. During the pandemic, getting around in our old and worn-out clothes is out. Dressing in well-designed, stylish casual wear pieces is in. Welcome to the age of covid casual wear.

Covid Casual Wear: Feel good fashion

The pandemic is not a time to luxuriate in your own languor. The Lockdown gave us everyone a much needed pause button. Forced to halt our hectic lives, we found it was time to take stock and realize what is truly important in life. And when it comes to fashion choices, what’s important right now is looking your best, feeling great and being comfortable, all at the same time.

Go ahead, put on a t-shirt.

Traditionally reserved for sporting attire or as the sole domain of boys, the humble t-shirt has now become a staple of the empowered woman’s wardrobe. Comfortable, practical and cool, women all over the world are wearing t-shirts not only as a fashion statement, but also to help raise awareness of women’s rights issues.

So there you have it. The Coronavirus Lockdown could be seized upon as a chance to unwind and take time to reinvent yourself. You could start by choosing some great covid casual wear to add to your pandemic wardrobe. After all, looking your best makes you happier. And wearing t-shirts and sweaters that carry a message of female empowerment makes the world a better place. Not only will you be treating yourself to some important self-care, you will also be working for a fairer society.

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