When my two granddaughters, Chloe and Chelsea, came into the world I knew I had to leave them a legacy. A legacy that reminded them of their proud heritage and served to inspire them in becoming empowered young women.

That is how the brand ChloChel was born. The name is inspired by my love for these two young girls. But ChloChel is also about loving who we are as women. Women who can take a stand and make a difference. ChloChel is an empowered fashion company for today’s empowered woman.

Our message of female empowerment informs everything we do as a business.  

As a proud Caribbean Entrepreneur I honor and proclaim my heritage. Caribbean culture, with its openness, inclusivity and resilience, has inspired me to become the type of woman I am today. And these are all values I can now impart to other young women through my fashion label. 

We women are queens. It is time to celebrate the strength of our resilience. It is time to show the world how we roll fashion-wise. That is why Chlochel’s mission is to use fashion to raise the agenda of female empowerment.

We need to remind the world about how courageous women are. We need to keep the feminism of our mothers and grandmothers alive and relevant. We need to teach the next generation that whilst some women's rights issues have been addressed, there is still much to be done.

Our clothes are designed to empower and encourage women to continue to strive for excellence. ChloChel proudly carries it's Caribbean tradition forward in not only celebrating women, but campaigning for change.

Our clothing was created to reignite the women's right movement in the 21st century.

I want you to feel inspired, rebellious and confident when wearing our clothing.

ChloChel is empowered fashion made for empowered women.

Juliana, Founder